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USB Communication with PC
Oct 12, 2022 00:47




I'm trying to make my TLSR8278 USB dongle "talk" to the PC (two way communication with PC as USB/UART slave, communication will be initiated by the board/dongle). Is it possible to configure USB as a VCP (virtual COM / serial port)? Or at least of some kind of HID device different from a keyboard or mouse, so that PC application will listen for specific reports?

What I tried so far without success is:

SDK: ble mesh

in file app_config_8278.h modified #define HCI_ACCESS to HCI_USE_UART,

configured both defines as they're pointing to LEDs on the dongle like



attached a TTL 3v3 -> USB (CH341 chip dongle) but nothing is sent from TLSR dongle, in which while loop I use uart_Send function every second.

Then tried to change back  #define HCI_ACCESS to HCI_USE_USB and used my own HID monitor. I detect the TLSR dongle, but cannot receive anything from it.

Where can I start from?

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TL_Soyo Oct 12, 2022 10:13


   you can download driver SDK,and refrence USB demo( to find vcp and other usb application.

   in mesh SDK,if you use #define HCI_ACCESS,please use the sdk floder/Tools /sig_mesh_tool.exe to contact 8278