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TC32 EVK: Swire err
Feb 08, 2022 12:45




hi support team,
i just got the tlsr8278 generic board and started with b85m_ble_sample. I see the device on my laptop, but now all attempts to communicate with the chip are failing. Do you have any suggestions? The wire has been checked

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dien [Author] Feb 08, 2022 13:02

Fixed by press +Activate button, i don't know the reason, will searching more

TL_bloom5 Feb 08, 2022 14:43

HI dien,

    It could be the low power mode. When in low power mode, the swire is diasbled. By pressing key, you wake up the mcu and leave low power mode.

dien [Author] Feb 08, 2022 15:55

i tried all the button, but nothing works until i found the Activate button on BDT tool