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A couple of questions
Nov 01, 2022 02:04





Here's my scenario:

I have a USB dongle, utilizing mesh sdk - this is my master (the provisioner) and boards as a mesh nodes.

Shall I call blc_ll_setScanEnable(1, 1) periodically or just at the start of the program from my provisioner?

at this point, when some nodes report, I need to have a custom USB functionality, i.e. use the USB CDC (virtual port) along with BLE SDK.

What's the easiest way to merge those SDKs (USB and MESH)?

Finally, couldn't find a proper list of functions for the node to start advertising in order to try to join mesh. Any particular code I can look at?

Thanks in advance

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TL_Soyo Nov 01, 2022 11:10


  We have implemented the usb application with the sig_mesh_tool.exe under the tools directory to communication(Reference  handbook 10.4), The internal interaction is called the fuction  int app_hci_cmd_from_usb_handle (u8 *buff, int n) // for both usb and uart

you can be used as a reference, and then port the driver usbcdc project.

 for list node,you can search HCI_GATEWAY_CMD_START and HCI_GATEWAY_CMD_UPDATE_MAC (Reference  handbook 10.4)

Javor [Author] Nov 01, 2022 13:51


yes, I used the tool in order to test some commands, but currently I need my own implementation of the server part which will communicate with the board/dongle via USB. So I have to merge the 2 SDKs by hand? No easier way? Pity :(

How about blc_ll_setScanEnable(1, 1) function? Shall I call it once at program start or frequently? In the example program stops calling it when a node is added to the mesh, so it's not clear to me.


TL_Soyo Nov 01, 2022 15:18

The scan state changes according to the user's control(sig_mesh_tool.exe),please follow the current code flow,

you just need init the cdc and and focus on the function blc_register_hci_handler (blc_rx_from_uart, blc_hci_tx_to_uart);it is the in/out put source