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I am trying to automate mesh provisioning and not use a PC tool. My slave seem to work as I get its MAC and RSSI, but scanner won't work. Here's my s
Javor Nov 06, 2022 22:38
Hello,  Here's my scenario: I have a USB dongle, utilizing mesh sdk - this is my master (the provisioner) and boards as a mesh nodes. Shall I call 
Javor Nov 01, 2022 02:04
I'm trying to make my TLSR8278 USB dongle "talk" to the PC (two way communication with PC as USB/UART slave, communication will be initiated by the bo
Javor Oct 12, 2022 00:47
I need to implement a BLE Mesh passive (later may turn to active) monitor that will only collect a list of nearby (will be determined by a RSSI thresh
Javor Oct 09, 2022 17:11
Is it possible to use Bluetooth Mesh (for communication) and BLE Location at the same time on TLSR8278? Or at least use Bluetooth Mesh and BLE device
Javor Oct 03, 2022 19:10
Hi, I just bought my first Telink products and I want to test a concurrent Zigbee network (for communication) and BLE for commands on TLSR8278 chip.
Javor Oct 03, 2022 11:18