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BLE Mesh Passive Monitor
Oct 09, 2022 17:11




I need to implement a BLE Mesh passive (later may turn to active) monitor that will only collect a list of nearby (will be determined by a RSSI threshold value) bluetooth devices (in fact I need mostly their MAC addresses). Currently I'm trying to do it on a 8278 USB Dongle or 8278 Development Board but I cannot find any similar example.

Trying to call 


results in errors:

ll_scan.c:(.ram_code+0x82): undefined reference to `blc_ll_isScanRspReceived'

ll_scan.c:(.ram_code+0x1ac): undefined reference to `blc_ll_addScanRspDevice'

I see this method is commented in every source file, but isn't it needed?

Which methods I need to collect those MAC addresses? And what kind of a callback I need in order to fill this list?

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TL_Soyo Oct 10, 2022 11:37


  you can use gw demo,and search HCI_SUB_EVT_LE_ADVERTISING_REPORT,then you can see mac and rssi.