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The AoA demo for the TLSR8278 Indoor Positioning Starter Kit does not work
Apr 19, 2022 14:42




I purchased the TLSR8278 Indoor Positioning Starter Kit.
I am currently trying to run the AoA demo but it is not working.
I downloaded telink_b85m_driver_sdk, used the Telink IDE, and created the bin file.
However, I cannot install the created bin file to the device using BDT.
Please tell me how to solve it.

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TL_bloom5 Apr 19, 2022 15:17

Hi Yuito,

    Can you attach the screenshot of the failure?

Yuito884 [Author] Apr 19, 2022 15:31

Thanks for the reply.

The following is the result of downloading AoA_Demo.bin by connecting TLSR8278 Development Board and PC.

TL_Soyo Apr 20, 2022 10:12

Hi ,

    please change USB to EVK,then click "Active" Button,if respose Ok,you can click "Download" button to flash your program.