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In reply to my thread regarding to using 2 UARTs on TLSR8253, suggested using the tlsr9 series which support 2 UARTs. I had a look at th
wes58 May 08, 2022 16:03
I need to use 2 UARTs in my project with TLSR8253. I used an example with 1 UART using  DMA and it has been working fine. But I can't see how can I us
wes58 Apr 28, 2022 05:42
I spent hours trying to figure it out, but I can't. I have a board with TSR8251 and 32MHz crystal. I have in app_config.h: #define CLOCK_SYS_CLOC
wes58 Feb 27, 2022 08:23
From the documentation about dev_char_info_t conn_dev_list[DEVICE_CHAR_INFO_MAX_NUM]; * Used for store information of connected devices. * * MASTER
wes58 Jan 19, 2022 08:26
I try to add to the whitelist a number of mac addresses for filtering of scanning for devices I add 5 mac addresses to the list as follows: u8 TC
wes58 Jan 17, 2022 14:40
I have 2 boards (commercially made), exactly the same with TLSR8251F512ET24. I have loaded both boards with exactly the same firmware, and I have not
wes58 Dec 28, 2021 09:48
I want to measure the pulse width of the signal on GPIO. I have configured the timer as follows: timer2_gpio_init(GPIO_HALL, POL_RISING); timer2
wes58 Dec 18, 2021 08:20
I would like to use 2 Misc ADC channels to measure analogue inputs. In the datasheet for the chips, there are described different cases i.e 2-ch sampl
wes58 Nov 15, 2021 06:23
I have been using for a couple of months IDE/TelinkSDKv1.3.1 downloaded from and ev
wes58 Oct 27, 2021 08:42
I have the following code built with Single Connection SDK and another one, with Multi Connection SDK: I show part of the code below: In file att.c:
wes58 Oct 18, 2021 13:49