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ZigBee BLE Concurrent SDK - Gateway stops receiving reports from devices 2
May 01, 2024 06:42




Last year I wrote about the issue, that Gateway stopped receiving messages/reports from devices. This was happening once a day and sometimes a couple of times per day.

I contacted Telink support and wrote about it on the forum but the issue was not fixed.

Probably a month ago I have decided to disable BLE scanning in advertising mode - SCAN_IN_ADV_STATE 0.

Since then, I didn t have any issues with receiving messages from ZigBee devices.

So, it looks like BLE scanning caused this issue.

Could Telink have a look why this would be the case?


I have just downloaded latest SDK v2.3.2.1 and in the release notes there is note about the bug fix:

## V2.3.2.1
### Bugs
* buffer overflown issue under SCAN_IN_ADV_STATE mode

Does this fix this issue?

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TL_Soyo May 07, 2024 14:24


  It fixed a ble scanning issue,you can test the SDK with your code.