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In February I had two issues with the Gateway: 1. Exceptions causing restart of the Gateway. This is happening approx. once a day. 2. Gateway stops
wes58 Nov 29, 2023 13:42
I have noticed that there were 2 versions of ZigBee SDK upgrade with a number of bugs fixed. But there was no upgrade to ZigBee BLE concurrent SDK.
wes58 Nov 14, 2023 16:28
I have a device that sends the status message which is configured as below: epInfo_t dstEpInfo; memset((u8 *)&dstEpInfo, 0, sizeof(epInfo_t)); dstEpI
wes58 Jul 27, 2023 14:10
I have updated to the latest SDK and found the following issue: Compilation fails - E:/Telink/Project/tl_zigbee_sdk/proj/drivers/drv_hw.c:256:23:
wes58 Jul 21, 2023 07:27
IDE for TLSR8 Chips (  has been issued  in 2017. The Eclipse version included in th
wes58 Jun 20, 2023 05:20
I noticed when I configured the project that in the setting of "Source Folder Exclusion Patterns" there is a project listed as "apps/zbSniffer" 
wes58 May 08, 2023 06:47
In attrTbl[] I have the following definition: for (custom) ZCL_ATTRID_KEYPAD1: { ZCL_ATTRID_KEYPAD1, ZCL_DATA_TYPE_ARRAY, ACCESS_CONTROL_READ | ACCES
wes58 Mar 20, 2023 13:09
I am trying to flash ZigBee End Device and I get the following: Pressing DOWNLOAD button [11:46:15]: [131]: TC32 EVK: Swire err! Pressing ACT
wes58 Mar 17, 2023 09:22
I have started a new post, since I noticed that once that post disappears from fist page, it never is looked at. I go back to exceptions. I had a
wes58 Feb 04, 2023 06:10
How do I use ZCL_DIAGNOSTICS? There is no information in the documentation for the SDK. I also had a look in ZigBee cluster library specification. Th
wes58 Feb 04, 2023 04:24