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ZigBee BLE concurrent SDK update?
Nov 14, 2023 16:28




I have noticed that there were 2 versions of ZigBee SDK upgrade with a number of bugs fixed. But there was no upgrade to ZigBee BLE concurrent SDK.

Some of the previous version of ZigBee Concurrent SDK used the same Zigbee Stack as ZigBee SDK. Now Concurrent SDK is a couple of versions behind the ZigBee SDK.

Does it mean that those bugs are not present in ZigBee BLE concurrent SDK? Didn't ZigBee stack change in ZigBee SDK.

Because I am using both SDKs it would be good to have the same version. Especially that on of the fix is: "Fix misspell and this may cause naming changes to certain APIs and Structures."

This will be annoying if there are different naming for API and Structures in both SDK's.

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TL_Soyo Nov 15, 2023 14:28


  The ZigBee Concurrent SDK upgrade is in progress.will release soon.