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IDE for TLSR8 Chips
Jun 20, 2023 05:20




IDE for TLSR8 Chips (  has been issued  in 2017. The Eclipse version included in this IDE is very old.

How to update/replace Eclipse version in the IDE with the latest 2023 one?

Could Telink do it, or could Telink provide instructions how to do it?

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TL_Soyo Jun 20, 2023 14:00


  We haven't plan to update IDE forTLSR8 for yet,you can find the eclipse‘’s official documents to port,but it is not recommend, current IDE has been optimized by us.

wes58 [Author] Jun 21, 2023 08:34

I have updated Eclipse, but it is not only Eclipse which is part of the SDK. And, besides it would be good to see official update to the SDK after 6 years, don't you think?

For example just looking at GCC compiler - in SDK version is 4.5.2 and the latest version is v13.1. GCC 4.5.2 release date was 16/12/2010. So it was 13 years ago!

Similar situation will be with other components of the SDK. 6 years or more in software development is a long time!

I think, now Telink is more interested in TLSR9xxx series chips rather than older ones!

It is very disappointing.