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Zigbee BLE concurrent SDK - gateway issues part 3
Feb 04, 2023 06:10




I have started a new post, since I noticed that once that post disappears from fist page, it never is looked at.

I go back to exceptions.

I had a suggestion to check whether ev_buf is full.

I thought about it and realized that this is not possible.

- Exception happens maybe once a day.

- When do I look at the ev_buf? What would it tell me, when there is no exception?

- To find out the reason I would need to have a source code when exception is posted. This is not available in the SDK source code.

The exceptions I get are

0x13, line 0x0056

0x35, line 0x0102

Without a source file, exception line tells me nothing.

I would appreciate if Telink either fix this problem, since they have a source code, or provide a source code to enable debugging the issue.

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wes58 [Author] Feb 06, 2023 08:57

As far as issue with not receiving reports.

Here is the data captured in rf_rx_irq_handler(void)

This is data in macPld


77 bytes have finished!

045768: 41 88 d3 8d 97 ff ff 1b b8 09 12 fc ff 1b b8 01
045778: d5 eb c2 da 35 43 38 c1 a4 28 1c fa 0d 00 eb c2
045788: da 35 43 38 c1 a4 00 da 36 91 76 9e a2 d4 ba 6d
045798: a8 0d b5 dc 4d fc 25 75 64 eb 28 fc 8e dc df 14
0457a8: 9e e9 7d 27 95 2f b8 4e 70 48 00 00 00
Total Time: 24 ms

77 bytes have finished!

045768: 41 88 c9 8d 97 ff ff d7 e1 09 12 fc ff d7 e1 01
045778: 30 f0 e7 44 e9 5f 38 c1 a4 28 3e 9b 0f 00 f0 e7
045788: 44 e9 5f 38 c1 a4 00 84 59 95 f0 ba fb c5 09 1a
045798: 97 d8 7e 5c 79 cc ea db 3f df d8 7a 5f 78 8d e7
0457a8: 16 26 7b 82 4e a2 4e 65 ba a6 00 00 00
Total Time: 22 ms

So why don t I get this in sampleGW_zclProcessIncomingMsg()/ sampleGW_zclReportCmd()?

What is the structure of the received packet?

TL_Soyo Feb 07, 2023 10:11


  the pack capture can help compare  the data in the interrupt with that in the air packet whether the same time, it is recommended that macPld print serial port only after receiving data, which can be printed out in real time and compared with air packet,

  You mentioned it SYS_EXCEPTTION_ZB_BUFFER_EXCEPTION earlier ,so it may cause when ev_buf full,check the ev_buf when the exception occur,also you can try modify the ev buffer poll to much bigger.

  Forums are limited in their help and it is recommended to contact the sales team for one-to-one technical support

wes58 [Author] Feb 07, 2023 12:17

- As far as exception. It looks like Telink can t provide the source code - which makes debugging impossible. You understand that knowing where exception occurs, helps to identify the issue, especially that exception occurs once a day. Because it doesn't happen very often I do a restart when it happens, otherwise I would have a device not working.

I posted line number and the exception number. What does it tell you about where exception occurs?

- As I said, I can t capture packets. And how much time can I spend on this issue - which is a software problem

After doing more tests. I made another device working as a switch/end point - compiled with Zigbee SDK 6.8.2. The device has the same bindings as gateway - receives the same reports.

And today, after working for approx 6 hours:

- the gateway stopped receiving any packets in the interrupt - no interrupt trigger.

- The other device is still receiving reports

So why would one device (positioned next to the gateway) receive the packets and the gateway stopped?

As far as your comment about technical support. I believe that posting issues on the forum and finding a fix, can help other users with similar problems.

I thought that if you can t help, you would ask for help software developing team. They know the code.

If I went now, with those issues to sales team, I would have to start from the beginning describing the issues. How many weeks have I been dealing with those issues?

I noticed on one of the posts you wrote to the person that made a post, that someone will contact him by email?