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ZigBee - Windows Coverings
Nov 10, 2022 07:33




I am trying to create project using Windows Coverings - ZCL_CLUSTER_CLOSURES_WINDOW_COVERING.

When I power up the device it joins the network, I get information from the device and I can control it.

But after I power off and then turn the power on, the device doesn't work any more.

After a couple of tries, I realized that the information about the network is not saved in the device.

When I get permit to join in the Gateway, the device joins the network again with different addresses. I can control it.

But after power off and then on, it is the same story - it doesn't work any more.

What am I doing wrong? Why network data is not saved in the device?

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TL_Soyo Nov 10, 2022 10:15

do you enable NV_ENABLE or modify some files?Check the original protocol stack


wes58 [Author] Nov 10, 2022 11:08

NV_ENABLE is enabled. I created this project based on working example. I removed cluster ZCL_CLUSTER_GEN_ON_OFF and added cluster ZCL_CLUSTER_CLOSURES_WINDOW_COVERING.

I have noticed that bdb_commissioningInfoSave is called in bdb_task(). There are a couple of conditions before this function is called.

I could add some variables in this code in different places and monitor in BDT to see if I get to the call of this function.

Do you have any better way of debugging it?

wes58 [Author] Nov 10, 2022 11:34

It stops at the point marked on the picture, so it never saves it.

wes58 [Author] Nov 10, 2022 12:54

I did a couple of more tests:

1. Compiled a previous working project with ZCL_CLUSTER_GEN_ON_OF. - Data is not saved. Device is not working after power off and back on.

2. Downloaded to the device compiled filed which was built with previous version of the SDK v3.6.8.1 - Data is saved. Device is working after power off and back on.

Is it a problem with the SDK?


Build my Windows Coverings project with the previous version of the SDK v3.6.8.1 and it is working OK after power off and on.

TL_Soyo Nov 10, 2022 13:47

Thanks for the test,I will report to sdk group.

TL_Soyo Nov 10, 2022 14:57

we use EVK board to test switch and contact demo,and it is works well in the v3.6.8.2.can you compare original protocol stack with yours.