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BUG on BDT to View Log Windows
Mar 31, 2022 17:33




I read in the documentation there is a way to display the log window on the BDT like this:

but in fact I can't display the windows log on the BDT.

for hardware devices I use:
- TLSR8258 Development Board
- TLSRGSOCBK56B Telink Burning Board

the firmware I downloaded into the TLSR8258 Development Board is Debug_Demo from project B85_Driver_demo (

is this due to an error in the BDT, hardware, or firmware ?
how can i solve this problem?

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alfian132 [Author] Apr 04, 2022 22:09

problem solved.

to view the windows log, the MCU board must be directly connected to the PC without going through the burning board.

the documentation does not provide the correct wiring explanation, I hope the documentation can be fixed.

thank you.