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hi, can telink tlsr 8258 communicate with arduino using i2c? I'm trying to use the demo driver sdk and project demo_i2c but on arduino I can't get a
alfian132 Jan 09, 2023 16:16
Hallo, as far as I know, to make connection ble between mcu it requires UUID_Characteristic and UUID_Service, how do I set UUID on tlsr8258?
alfian132 Oct 06, 2022 17:23
Hi, does the TLSR8258 Development Board support the feature to debug using the serial port? because I see on the burning board there are rx and tx
alfian132 Apr 12, 2022 13:10
Hi, i want to learn how to code on tl8258. I tried to code to turn the led on and off with the buttons on the board, but I still can't do it.
alfian132 Apr 07, 2022 22:34
I read in the documentation there is a way to display the log window on the BDT like this:  but in fact I can't display the windows log on t
alfian132 Mar 31, 2022 17:33
Hi, i have read all the documentation for BDT and TLSR8x, but how to debug tlsr8258 to see log window? because i have a problem. i have made a usb co
alfian132 Mar 21, 2022 14:19
how to create a new project to display "hello world" in BDT software? all I get is a view like this 
alfian132 Mar 09, 2022 14:15
in the BDT software, I seem to have made a mistake to upgrade the EVK so that my Burning EVK board can't connect to the BDT software. can this be fixe
alfian132 Mar 07, 2022 15:31