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TLSR825x ADC Misc
Nov 15, 2021 06:23




I would like to use 2 Misc ADC channels to measure analogue inputs. In the datasheet for the chips, there are described different cases i.e 2-ch sampling for Audio and Misc, 3-ch sampling for stereo Audio and Misc and 1-ch for Misc.

Since there is only one function to get adc result - adc_sample_and_get_result() which doesn't take any parameters, it would suggest that you can't have more than one Misc channel.

Is it possible to use (I would expect that it should be possible) 2-channel sampling for Misc?

if yes, how to initialize the channels?

If not, then the only option I can see is to do like this in the loop:

1. disable adc

2. initialize first Misc channel

3. enable adc and get result for first Misc channel

4. disable adc

5. initialize second Misc channel

6. enable adc and get result for second Misc channel

7. go to 1 to start over with first Misc channel

Is there any better way of doing this?

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TL_bloom5 Nov 15, 2021 16:29

Hi Wes,

   you are right, there is no simutaneous 2 chan ADC sampling support. you have to do the sampling one by one as your loop.