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I use tlsr8258 chips insome small volume production device to have BLE connection.  I decided to organize pairing with Telink slave device to BLE mast
Fanis Jan 20, 2023 18:48
I work on large project where TLSR8258 is a main app CPU which controls a number of different board interfaces and has a BLE connectivity to be monit
Fanis Dec 10, 2021 18:50
I've noticed a strange issue when use spi to connect serial nor flash to tlsr8258 in master mode.  I use 48 000 000 value macro in app_config and exte
Fanis May 18, 2021 13:47
Need info on what peripheral modules become unavailable for application if BLE stack is utilized in FW. I suppose at least one or 2 Timer instances. W
Fanis Feb 05, 2021 05:14
In guide doc for BDT (which is found in archive with BTD utility) there are 2 ways to connect and flash TLSR devices. One is with USB (If target SoC h
Fanis Jan 31, 2021 08:37
Just a simple use-case make me uncertain if i do everything correct. I adjust system clock in tlsr8258 EVK to 48 MHz by modifying clock_init() as foll
Fanis Jan 31, 2021 07:45
Where one can obtain addition low level operating recommendations for SWS programming of tlsr8258 with BDT tool? I use 8258 evk, 8258 dongle, officia
Fanis Jan 31, 2021 07:17
Dear Telink s support team and experienced Telink developers, i ve got some questions related with TLSR825x BLE SoCs. Any help will be appreciated. 1
Fanis Nov 11, 2020 23:24