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API to read RSSI while pairing
Jan 20, 2023 18:48




I use tlsr8258 chips insome small volume production device to have BLE connection. 
I decided to organize pairing with Telink slave device to BLE master Android smartphone adding an additional constraint, so that pairing to new smartphone should start only if the devices are located very close to each other (common procedure for BLE bonding with lots of fitness health bands). Didn t find a way to do this on current single connection SDK for tlsr8258.

Tried to check return value of blc_ll_getLatestAvgRSSI(void) function in app_host_event_callback() callback, but it looks like returning a dummy value. May be this is due to connection not established yet.

Is there any workaround for that specific case, where i can estimate RSSI signal strength from Master which tries to start a new pairing? 

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TL_Soyo Jan 29, 2023 10:46


  The rssi function blc_ll_getLatestAvgRSSI(void) can be obtained only after the connection is established. The rssi value calculated by the host is usually used to determine whether to establish a connection with the slave

Fanis [Author] Feb 08, 2023 22:31

So looks like there is no way to estimate the signal strength with the Master BLE device, which is trying to establish a new paired connection?
I wan't to ignore devices, which want to make new bonding but which are not close enough to the Telink Slave device.