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HW debugging and 8251 examples
Nov 11, 2020 23:24




Dear Telink s support team and experienced Telink developers, i ve got some questions related with TLSR825x BLE SoCs. Any help will be appreciated.

1. Is the ISA that is reported as RISC 32-bit is the same as RISC-V 32-bit version (aka RV32)? By other words, can we utilize SEGGER s J-link programmer/debugger (black brick) to flash this generation SoC s? I m only familiar with Cortex-M MCUs and don t know RISC architecture peculiarities yet.

2. I ve already seen the similar question earlier here, but may be any progress made? So, the question is from "Telink IDE User Guide" app note i couldn t understand correctly is there an option of "conventional" debugging a C-code, using breakpoints and stepping code line by line directly from inside IDE (eclipse or whatever else). Seems like currently Telink can only offer custom GUI tool to flash .bin image into SoC and use some Arduino-style output log debugging only. Do you plan to enhance debugging tools in next few months?

3. In my humble opinion, "BLE Generic" SDK v3 currently seems poor for examples, and they are mostly aimed for higher 8258 unit (i suppose which is utilized in all Dev/EvalKits). Can we expect more code examples for 8251 specifically, and more BLE peripheral examples (like OTA_DFU, custom UUID services) in general (at least for 8258) soon?

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TL_bloom5 Nov 12, 2020 13:02

Hi Fanis,

1. No, it is a generic risc chip we designed. And we have new RISC-V chips coming soon. The debug interface for 825x is a customized single swire interface

2. The 8 series IDE would enbrace updates, but those debug features might not have a high priority at the moment.

3. It could be used in all 825x chips, there is little difference besides ram allocation, so link file should be modified when applied to lower ram chip like 8251 like you mentioned. Actually you can find OTA code in our existing demo project builds, and some customized service like audio,SPP and OTA.