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I can't get a response from tlsr8266 via SWS
Feb 10, 2023 22:14




i write different divisors to the register 0xb2 but when reading back the register 0xb2 there is no answer, in the picture there is an oscillogram of the request to read the register after the master signal there is no answer, the speed is 20 kHz,
can anyone come across this?

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TL_Soyo Feb 13, 2023 17:04


  Please check if the frequency you configured is out of range. Currently the values supported for this register are 0x03 to 0x40.

ivan23654623 [Author] Feb 13, 2023 21:31

thanks, I've parsed it, the value of the register is returned, but very quickly, even with a maximum divisor of 127, it comes out about 250-500 kilohertz, so I missed it