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tlsr8266 raw packet
May 25, 2023 20:03




I have such a question, I want to write my own BLE support for tlsr8266 , SDK I found the transceiver driver "rf_drv_8266.h" it has all the functions for transmitting and receiving raw data packets

void rf_drv_init (int xtal_type);
void rf_power_down ();
void rf_set_channel (signed char chn, unsigned short set);
void rf_set_tx_rx_off (void);
void rf_set_rxmode (void);
void rf_set_txmode (void);
void rf_send_packet (void* addr, u16 rx_waittime, u8 retry);
void rf_multi_receiving_init (u8 channel_mask);
void rf_multi_receiving_start (signed char chn, unsigned short set);
void rf_set_ack_packet (void* addr);
void rf_set_power_level_index (int level);
void rf_receiving_pipe_enble(u8 channel_mask);
void rf_update_tp_value (u8 tp0, u8 tp1);

I searched the Internet but did not find code examples for implementing sending and receiving a packet, if anyone knows, please share the sequence of initialization and sending of receiving raw packets

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TL_Soyo May 26, 2023 10:24


  The rf code is not public for yet,we suggest you use standard SDK to get long time support。