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ZigBee SDK - sampleContactSensor
Oct 20, 2022 07:30




I built a project based on the sampleContactSensor example and have the following issue/question:

I send the message to the Gateway  - 0x0034 ZBHCI_CMD_MGMT_PERMIT_JOIN_REQ

Every time I power up the device (ContactSensor - enddevice), the device sends to the gateway message 0x8043 ZBHCI_CMD_NODES_DEV_ANNCE_IND.

Then I send the message to the gateway 0x0040 ZBHCI_CMD_NODES_JOINED_GET_REQ.

In the response I get all devices but there is no IEEE address for the ContactSensor (enddevice).

The gateway get notification of the status changed, so it knows of this device.

So my question is:

1. Why every time the ContactSensor device is powered up it sends ZBHCI_CMD_NODES_DEV_ANNCE_IND message?

2. Why ContactSensor device is not listed in the response to the ZBHCI_CMD_NODES_JOINED_GET_REQ message?

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TL_Soyo Oct 20, 2022 13:50

Q1 After the end device is powered on, the reconnection is performed

Q2 How many devices that you joined to GW,the ZBHCI_CMD_NODES_JOINED_GET_REQ cmd only enumerate 5 devices information.

wes58 [Author] Oct 21, 2022 04:33


What happens when  the end device is powered on, and I turn power off and then on to the Gateway? There won t be "reconection" of the end device.


That s it. I had 5 devices joined, so I didn t get information for the 6, end device.

And i noticed now, that in the message there is a "totalCnt" which is 6.

Thanks for you help

TL_Soyo Oct 21, 2022 10:30

Q1.1,end device will do rejoin process,

Q1.2,Wait a little longer,rejoin will process too. enddevice doesn t know he s offline in a short time