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AES implementation code
Jul 14, 2022 18:31




I tried implementing AES functions but also after reading the SDK and a lot of trials, several things are not clear.

How should I pass the string to be encrypted to aes_encrypt? As char array containing char(s) o char array containint equivalent hexadecimal numbers?

The resulting char array contains char(s) or hexadecimal numbers?

I've already tried to encrypt a string and then decrypt it both with different online tools (set with AES128 ECB) and with aes_decrypt, and I can never get back the original string.

Has anyone got a piece of code that can be used as example?

Thank you!

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TL_Soyo Jul 18, 2022 10:08


char key[17] = "ciaociaociaociao";
char data[17];
char chypertext[17];
int check ;
char plaintext[17];
void main_loop (void)
check = aes_encrypt(key, data, chypertext);
check += aes_decrypt(key, chypertext, plaintext);

we test it on this link( is fine,you can use translation software to use . 

Mattia [Author] Jul 19, 2022 16:01

Thank you!