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I tried implementing AES functions but also after reading the SDK and a lot of trials, several things are not clear. How should I pass the string
Mattia Jul 14, 2022 18:31
I tried to implement AES in my code and it doesn't work properly. More specifically I'm encrypting and decrypting a 16 char string with a 16 char key
Mattia Jul 04, 2022 22:53
Hi, I would like to implement AES encryption using an ESL with TLSR8359 MCU. I've already read the Telink Driver SDK Developer Handbook and it was pre
Mattia Jun 30, 2022 22:24
Hi everyone! Is there a guide where telink explain how to create a project for TLSR8359 and one (or more) explained/commented sample code? I can find
Mattia Apr 26, 2022 20:33