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TLSR9x chips
May 08, 2022 16:03




In reply to my thread regarding to using 2 UARTs on TLSR8253, suggested using the tlsr9 series which support 2 UARTs.

I had a look at the Datasheet of TLSR9218 and it looks good. But the problem is, that TLSR9x chips or any development boards/dongles with these chips are not available anywhere.

I had a look on Mouser website, who are the distributor of Telink products, but they don't have any TLSR9x products.

I did a Google search and couldn't find those chips anywhere!

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wes58 [Author] May 17, 2022 05:23

9 days past and nobody from Telink staff can tell me where I could get TLSR9218 chip from. Very disappointing.

I give up on this idea now.