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 hello. I think there's a misunderstanding in the question, so I'm asking you again. The functions on the above source code are similar i
wooseok Apr 19, 2024 07:20
Hello. i have a questions. The BLE Mesh SDK has two functions. One is light_sim_notify_mesh(), The other one is light_sim_light2light(), What I fo
wooseok Apr 18, 2024 10:08
hello. I think the module corresponding to the receiving side should always be in a normal mode state. If I use four AA batteries, I think the batte
wooseok Feb 15, 2024 11:31
Hello. Where can I set the time to maintain the connection between APP and Telink BLE? When I forcibly shut down APP, I want the Telink BLE to be
wooseok Feb 06, 2024 10:35
 We have a product with the same "MAC ID". How likely is this? Although the specification sheet said it was unique, the product produced by our fa
wooseok Jan 10, 2024 05:06
"Telink Mesh" project is under test with light_8258. It's being tested by connecting to a smartphone, and I have a question. Q) What information is
wooseok Jan 08, 2024 13:01
hello. As shown in the picture above, we released the light product using the telink mesh. The red line represents an unwanted connection.
wooseok Nov 20, 2023 10:25
hello. During testing of Telink mesh sdk's light switch, the code confirmed that it was sent only once, but found that it was received twice int
wooseok Nov 15, 2023 09:10
as shown in the picture above 1. Smartphone and node1 are connected, and node2 is not connected because it is far away. 2. node1 and node2 are
wooseok Nov 11, 2023 11:13
int mesh_push_user_command (int sno, u16 dst, u8 *p, u8 len); int mesh_push_user_command_no_relay (int sno, u16 dst, u8 *p, u8 len); 
wooseok Nov 01, 2023 13:09