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Set the mesh name and password after the product release of the mesh product?
Nov 20, 2023 10:25





As shown in the picture above, we released the light product using the telink mesh.

The red line represents an unwanted connection.

The problem is that when the default name and password are initially set to tenlink_mesh1/1234, in the case of apartments or villas, the distance between the house next door and the house above is close, so all of them are connected to the mesh.

Q1. Is the only way to solve this problem is to change the name and password after connecting the product and the app for the first time?

Q2. When the user changes the name and password and adds a new product to connect, the name and password are different, so how can I add the product in this case?

Q3. How can I release a product in general, prevent unwanted devices from connecting to my mesh network?

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TL_Soyo Nov 20, 2023 16:58


  There is the two name and password ,do you modify them to diffrent?

Q2、User can only change the Mesh setting dont change the Factory setting ,then dont effect new device join.

Q3、If many  lights start join in diffrent room ,you can modify the app to determine signal strength,and let user to choose one join.