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JaeYong Lee
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Dear Sir. I use ZB_BLE SDK When the device is commissioned and then If the device send zcl_report() within 30 seconds, then The data is cor
JaeYong Lee Aug 22, 2023 14:32
I run as belows. 1) I run factory reset a sampleLight 2) I run direct join after rebooted by factory reset    ( sampleLight sent "Permit Join Reque
JaeYong Lee Jun 07, 2023 20:20
status of nv_flashReadNew() of zcl_onOffAttr_restore() is NV_ITEM_NOT_FOUND after rebooting by zb_factoryReset(). In this case, if I commissioning
JaeYong Lee May 25, 2023 20:22
Can I use zcl_initialize_startup_attributes();? _CODE_ZCL_ static int zb_restart_device_func(void *arg) { zcl_initialize_startup_attributes(); /*
JaeYong Lee May 23, 2023 14:26
Can I reset network information without zb_factoryReset() function ?
JaeYong Lee May 23, 2023 12:48
I use TLSR8258 with ZB_BLE_Concurrent_SDK_2.3.1.0. When I run factory reset a sampleLight devices, It rejoin to a network sometimes. Why it is rejoi
JaeYong Lee May 20, 2023 16:40
When "UART_PRINTF_MODE" is set, How to change Baud Rate from 1000000 to 921600 in drv_putchar.c ?
JaeYong Lee May 15, 2023 12:06
Can I get TLSR8258 zigbee and ble library for freeRTOS ?
JaeYong Lee May 13, 2023 15:45
When I run "zb_rejoinReq(channel_mask, 3)" for sending "rejoin request" message to coordinator, It can not send "rejoin request" message to coordinat
JaeYong Lee May 04, 2023 14:11