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RF signal level is wrong on 9218B+PA with B91 SIG MESH SDK
May 10, 2024 13:36




I use TLSR9218B + PA(RF2401 or KCT8204L) with B91 SIG MESH SDK,

I set B91 mesh gw project wirh "PA_ENABLE 1".

When I scan devices, device's signal is -99dBm within 0.5meters.

But when I use TLSR8258 + PA(RF2401 or KCT8204L), devices's signal is -50dBm within 0.5meters.

Why signal level is difference ?

How to fix it for B91 SIG MESH SDK with PA ?

2 replies
TL_Soyo May 10, 2024 17:30


  Please check the PA PINs are working fine,and set the rf power to 0dBm.

JaeYong Lee [Author] May 13, 2024 09:40

#define    MY_RF_POWER_INDEX      RF_POWER_INDEX_P0p01dBm

PA pins are correct.

sig_mesh_tool.exe can control the lights and get status of the lights.

just "scan" and "provisioning" function have this issue.