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matter border router
Apr 05, 2023 11:54




HI everyone,

I am using TSR9518B chip to build Border Router with Raspberry Pi 3 But I followed the instructions in the file

Telink Matter Developer s Guide to step 7 of 5.3 Usage, and it reported an error that the form could not be sent ("FORM operation is failed").

I tried reading uart bulletins but they don t send or receive anything.

I changed the uart config according to the instructions in the file but still the error. How to fix it?

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TL_Soyo Apr 06, 2023 13:35

 Maybe Raspberry PI failed to communicate with the Tlsr9518 board serial port,

 1 check the  /etc/default/otbr-agent file config,

 2 can you find the serial port in /dev/ directory?

 3 Does tlsr9518 board has flashed correct RCP image?

Jinmiao.Yu Apr 06, 2023 17:20


Could you  provide the branch and commit that you are using to build RCP binary?

cuongngo [Author] Apr 06, 2023 18:15

Thanks for your help.

I fixed it. Because i have not run the necessary services and have not installed wpas for rasp.