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TeLink Burning Board Firmware update
Dec 08, 2022 02:38




Hi everyone! 

I'm facing a problem while erasing my TLSR9518ADK80D board from BDT software via EVK. I think it may be related to the firmware version.

My Burning board has a v3.1 firmware which seems not to be up-to-date to be used with a TLSR9518ADK80D.

Message from BDT's upgrade EVK window : " [Warning]: Firmware is NOT up to date!"

Additionnal informations : 
- EVK recognized by BDT software : "evk device: ok"
- Actvation failed : " [63]: activate failed!"
- Erase failed :  [131]: "TC32 EVK: Swire err!"
- Connexions :
     EVK 3v3 -> J56 VBUS

     EVK SWM -> J56 SWS

     EVK GND   -> J56 GND 

So here is the question, where can I find the latest version of the Burning board ? 

Thanks a lot ! 

2 replies
TL_Soyo Dec 08, 2022 13:36


  Please click BDT window's button help->upgrade,find the latest .bin in BDT directory.

mck_cbi [Author] Dec 08, 2022 18:05

Hi Soyo,

Thanks for your answer! I found it in config/fw folder.