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Understanding wtcdb
Oct 19, 2017 21:27




As a newbie I am crawling in your user manuals, which are full of unexplained acronyms. For instance, what is the OTP compared to the flash ? How to use and program it ? Which MCU have it ?

Can you point to document(s) explaining your architecture concepts ? Complete guide of wtcdb ?

Thank you
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TL_dafeng.chen Oct 27, 2017 18:12
OTP: One Time Programmable; as the name suggests, OTP stores data but only can be programmed one time. Compared to flash, this is the difference. TLSR8263 have OTP internal. TLSR8261/TLSR8266/TLSR8267/TLSR8269 have flash internal. You can find more details in datasheet.
user guide of wtcdb in the path: Doucmentation --> General Debug Tools List(常用调试工具).
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