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How to commissioning other zigbee device to Telink Zigbee Gateway ?
Sep 01, 2021 09:23




Dear Sir.

I testing telink gateway and other zigbee device.

Telink Gateway (of Zigbee SDK 3.6.6) can commissioning other zigbee devices.

But ss_nodeMacAddressFromdevKeyPair() function display only telink zigbee device without other zigbee device.

How to get other zigbee device from ss_nodeMacAddressFromdevKeyPair() ?

1 replies Sep 01, 2021 14:57

The ss_nodeMacAddressFromdevKeyPair() is only for the devices which are zigbee3.0( Zigbee Pro R21 later), so you can  check if the nodes you are using support zigbee3.0.