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JaeYong Lee
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Dear Sir. in Zigbee SDK Gateway Mode, ZBHCI_CMD_NODES_JOINED_RSP send device list of Zigbee 3.0. How to get device list for non-Zigbee 3.0 ?
JaeYong Lee Jun 02, 2022 09:19
I use zigbee sdk and concurrent sdk in tlsr8258. I use gateway mode. How to send "Orphan Notification (0x06)" and "Coordinator Realignment(0x08)" co
JaeYong Lee May 30, 2022 14:59
How to exchange coordinator or gateway(non-coordinator) mode when firmware is running ? I use Zigbee/BLE Concurrent SDK.
JaeYong Lee May 11, 2022 00:15
I use zigbee_ble_concurrent I test bind_reg. In Gateway(8258_gateway),I sent ZBHCI_CMD_BIND_REQ via zbhci interface(rs232). But tlsr8258 n
JaeYong Lee May 08, 2022 16:51
I use Zigbee BLE Concurrent SDK. I use it as gateway. Thus i want to receive data from end device. The end device send as broadcast mode. How to r
JaeYong Lee May 03, 2022 22:21
I want to use concurrent mode with Bluetooth Mesh and Zigbee. How to make concurrent mode with Bluetooth Mesh and Zigbee ?
JaeYong Lee Nov 03, 2021 10:45
I use BDT tool for programming TLSR8258. But I can not found how to erase 1MB flash of TLSR8258/ How to erase 1MB Flash ?
JaeYong Lee Nov 03, 2021 10:42
Dear Sir. I read
JaeYong Lee Sep 16, 2021 08:09
Dear Sir. I testing telink gateway and other zigbee device. Telink Gateway (of Zigbee SDK 3.6.6) can commissioning other zigbee devices. But ss_
JaeYong Lee Sep 01, 2021 09:23
Dear Sir. I use BLE+Zigbee Concurrent mode SDK 1.5.7 But GW firmware is locked when go to zigbee commissioning mode. How to switching to BLE in
JaeYong Lee Aug 27, 2021 17:40