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JaeYong Lee
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Can I get sampleLight example with 2 or more endpoints for ZigbeeSDK v3.6.8.7 ?
JaeYong Lee Jul 05, 2024 13:38
When I use "Scan" of sig_mesh_tool.exe, B85 SIG MESH SDK GW + TLSR8258 + PA have no problem.  But B91 SIG MESH SDK GW + TLSR9518 (TLSR9518ADK50D E
JaeYong Lee May 17, 2024 13:42
I use TLSR9218B + PA(RF2401 or KCT8204L) with B91 SIG MESH SDK, I set B91 mesh gw project wirh "PA_ENABLE 1". When I scan devices, device's signa
JaeYong Lee May 10, 2024 13:36
How to get reference design of TLSR9218B ?
JaeYong Lee Apr 18, 2024 08:33
I use TLSR9518ADK80D. But BDT tool v5.7.6 say "activate failed" when press "Activate" button. 3V3, SWM(SWS), GND are connected. How to activate bet
JaeYong Lee Apr 12, 2024 15:22
How to read IIC data when 2 devices are connected on one IIC line ?  * IIC initialize function :     - i2c_master_init( Device 1 ID, speed)    
JaeYong Lee Apr 04, 2024 16:02
How to set i2c 400khz master on TLSR8258 ?
JaeYong Lee Feb 16, 2024 13:18
How to set dual UART on Telink Mesh TLSR8258 SDK ? * Current uart_init() function is below. How to add additional UART ? void user_uart_init(
JaeYong Lee Jan 31, 2024 07:45
Dear Sir. I use ZB_BLE SDK When the device is commissioned and then If the device send zcl_report() within 30 seconds, then The data is cor
JaeYong Lee Aug 22, 2023 14:32