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TLSR8258 S-wire error
Jan 31, 2021 07:17




Where one can obtain addition low level operating recommendations for SWS programming of tlsr8258 with BDT tool?

I use 8258 evk, 8258 dongle, official telink burning tool and all up to date SW sdk and utilites. For example, the programming feature becomes practically disabled after we build and flash "8258_ble_sample". Erase/Download/SWS check attempts in BDT end with S-wire error messages.  It took me half an hour to check every connection and reinstall some drivers before i figure out the problem is in SWS itself and FW running on MCU. I could finally "unbrick" both dongle and evk with random switching power supply, reset and pressing Erase button in BDT utility. I also noticed that BDT could connect easily to boards with "ble_sample" example flashed if i make a Bluetooth connection with Android phone. It seems that SWS more software feature than hardware interface.
After that, while testing and playing with clocks i nearly bricked the evk in more terrific ways, for example making some custom setup of system clock frequency or flashing FW without cpu_wakeup_init(); command in main(). There i nearly lost hope to connect end erase the board with BDT via SWS and was going to resolder the SoC, but after 3-5 min of playing with reset switch and all SW1-SW4 switches and BDT's Erase button a miracle happened and full Erase was performed.
Now i use a dummy workaround placing WaitMs(1000) in main() after cpu_wakeup_init() just to have 1sec time for proper connect via SWS at startup. But it's probably not the best way. Is there any special msec timings between reset and SWS connection, or anything else i miss to make TLSR8258 chips available anytime?

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