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IDE Manage configuration
Jul 06, 2017 19:41



Dear Resposible,

Following the attached file with IDE Manage configuration window.
Could you send me more information about each configuration?

Best regards

Leandro Santos
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TL_dafeng.chen Jul 28, 2017 10:43
There are many configurations in the BLE-Mesh SDK, and easily make new users confused. Please find following brief introducation:
Telink BLE mesh contains many types of devices: light、gateway and switch.
-- light_826x: example code for light is used most. 826x indicates the type of chip, for example, 8266 means TLSR8266.
-- light_gateway_826x: example code for gateway. Gateway can transfer data from BLE to USB or UART(default is USB). so you can connect to PC or other mcus based on your applications.
-- light_8267_uart: same as light_gateway_8267, but this configuration is UART.
-- light_switch_826x: example code for switch. Switch sends commands to control light.
-- ble_lib_826x: you can get a library file after compling it. this library file can be linked by light_826x or light_gateway_826x.
-- emi_826x: just for RF testing. It will be used for FCC certification.
-- ble_master_dongle_826x: you can get a bin file after compling it. Download this bin to the dongle board, then connect the dongle board to PC, after that you can use the Telink application(tl_ble_phone_mesh2.exe) to control the light.
-- ota_boot: it will be used for ota of TLSR8266.
Except above configurations, others can be ignored.
leandro.santos [Author] Aug 18, 2017 19:49
Thank you, Dafeng Chen!

Could you send me more information about each configuration for BLE_826X_Generic SDK? (following attached picture with current setup options of telink_ble_sdk_release_v3.1.0_20170509)
[attachment=0]Capturar.JPG[/attachment] Best regards

Leandro Santos
TL_dafeng.chen Aug 22, 2017 20:06
There are also many configurations in BLE_826x_Generic SDK, please find following brief introducation:
At first, 826x indicates the type of chip, for example, 8266 means TLSR8266.
-- 826x_ble_remote: example code for remote controller.
-- 826x_module: example code for BLE module. It transfers data between master(mobile phone) and slave(BLE module), also embeds some Telink commands, for example, enable/disable advertising, update the connection parameter.
-- 826x_master_kma_dongle: exmple code for dongle board, it plays as a mater role just like mobile phone. It will be used for ota to tranfer the new firmware to the target board which needs updating the firmware.
-- 826x_ota_boot: It will be used for ota. The mcus of 8261 and 8266 only support boot from address 0x0, so in the ota, this 826x_ota_boot.bin will be needed to copy the new firmware to address 0x0.
-- 8267_ble_remote(remote with MIC): this example has a feature that BLE audio is embeded.
-- 826x_hci: these example only have controller of slave, the host runs on the other mcus.