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Project for TLSR9518 in VS code
Apr 21, 2023 23:11




Hello every body!
I want to write a program for TLSR9518 in VS-code.
for begin,  I chose the simplest example (hello_world) from zephyr-3.2.0 SDK and chose the board (TLSR9518adk80d) from the list.  
I faced some problem because toolchain path (../toolchains/v2.3.0/opt/zephyr-sdk/) didn't contain the toolchain (riscv64-zephyr-elf)
so I downloaded it from the link .
Now I have another error in that, some driver files (in zephyr/drivers) need libraries ("sys.h" and "analog.h") that aren't contained.
I couldn't find this libraries anywhere, can you pleas help me.

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TL_Soyo Apr 23, 2023 10:25


  we use west manage zephyr project,It seems you miss the telink hal files with out using west,you can download the hal files in follow link,also can find it in west.yml file

Majd [Author] Apr 24, 2023 22:55

I am not sure if I did the right way. but I downloaded this folder (hal_telink) manually and I copied their contents to path (modules/hal/telink) in the SDK .

in the west.yml file i already have it:

But by building the project (west build -b tlsr9518adk80d) it stills read the old driver files, that located in zephyr/drivers.
Are there any additional configurations should be added in the project?

TL_Soyo Apr 25, 2023 13:22

please follow the link( to rebuild you enviroment

Majd [Author] Apr 27, 2023 18:38

Thank you very much
it is working