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ZigBee SDK - SPI
Nov 16, 2022 08:40




I am trying to use SPI in TLSR8258 but I can t find a lot of information how to do it.

I had a look in module_test.c, so I can see how to init SPI, read and write but:

1. In SPI slave mode

How does the slave know when data is received? I can t see any interrupt procedure that would let me do it.

2. SPI master.

The same, How does the master know when the data is received?

Edit: I just realized that slave doesn't send any data. The master reads the data!

Is there any example how to use interrupts?

I had a look through all Telink SDK s and I found only in one - BLUETOOTH MESH SDK some information.

in the file located in proj/drivers/spi.c there are some functions:

void spi_slave_init(int divider, u8 *buff) {}   - different from drv_spi_slave_init(SPI_MODE_0); in ZigBee SDK (or any other SDKs).

void spi_slave_register(int pin, spi_callback_func callback){}

void spi_irq_callback(){}

void spi_send_response(u8 *buf, int len){}

int spi_notify_data_ready(void){}

What is interesting that in function spi_notify_data_ready(), when new data is received the gpio pin is toggled to indicate this?

int spi_notify_data_ready(void){
   gpio_set_output_en(spi_irq_pin, 1);
   gpio_set_output_en(spi_irq_pin, 0);
  return 0;


Those functions are for the SPI slave. But I am still not sure about Master receiving data?

Can they be used in ZigBee SDK?

Is there a better solution?

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TL_Soyo Nov 16, 2022 09:51


  Please download driver SDK.

wes58 [Author] Nov 16, 2022 10:12


Thanks. That's the SDK I was missing.