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B91 Flashing problem
Oct 21, 2022 17:24




I have a problem with flashing:

* Executing task: ./ICEman -Z v5

Andes ICEman v4.6.3 (OpenOCD) BUILD_ID: 2020090411
Burner listens on 2354
Telnet port: 4444
TCL port: 6666
Open On-Chip Debugger 0.10.0+dev-g01d57cb (2020-09-04-11:43)
Licensed under GNU GPL v2
For bug reports, read
JTAG frequency 10.000 MHz
There is 1 core in tap
The core #0 listens on 1111.
ICEman is ready to use.


* Executing task: ./SPI_burn -i ./../../../app/build/apptest.bin -v

image_filename: ./../../../app/build/apptest.bin
NDS32 Burner BUILD_ID: 2020042409
Attempting to connect to, port 2354
Failed to find SMU ID
Failed to find SMU ID


How to fix this behavior? Can I flash my firmwarevia J-Link?

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TL_Soyo Oct 24, 2022 11:00


  Please fowllows the steps.

AndeSight IDE

Make sure the AndeSight IDE is already correctly installed on your PC.


We are going to use the example program above to illustrate how to flash a binary file to an Eagle EVK.

  1. Make sure the Telink debug probe is connected to the Eagle EVK correctly and the EVK is already powered.

  2. Launch a Cygwin shell.

  3. Navigate to the ice folder in which the ICEman tool is installed (e.g. C:\Andestech\AndeSight_RDS_v320\ice).

  4. Run the following command.

   ./ICEman.exe -Z v5 -I aice_sdp.cfg

Figure 1

  1. Launch another Cygwin shell and navigate to the ice folder in which the SPI Burn tool is located (e.g. C:\Andestech\AndeSight_RDS_v320\flash).

  2. Type the following command.

   ./SPI_Burn -i "D:\Workbench\eagle\project\hello\main.bin" -v

Note: the -i option specifies the binary file that will be programmed into the Eagle EVK and the -v option enables verification after flashing.

Figure 2

aectaan [Author] Oct 24, 2022 14:19

My host system is Ubuntu 22.04.

BTW it's fixed by myself: Last time when I worked with Telink I used ICE and Burning tool. But now it doesn't working and failed as I show before. But with it works ok

aectaan [Author] Oct 24, 2022 21:54

Also could you please help to setup debug in VSCode?

aectaan [Author] Oct 25, 2022 14:12

Done by myself too. GDB from Telink package doesn't work with debug extensions. Fixed by