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TLSR8255 - 48 MHz clock output
Oct 09, 2017 08:59




I'd like to know if it is possible to get a 48 MHz clock output at a GPIO pin in TLSR8255.

Checking the documentation, I see there is a doubler from the 24 MHz clock to 48 MHz and that there is a USB_clk and a way to get 48 MHz to FHS, but I coudn't tell if there is a way to get that signal in a GPIO pin.

The objective is to provide the 48 MHz clock to an external Sub-GHz transceiver.

Best regards,
Camilo Rodegheri
DEV Tecnologia
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TL_kidd.zhu Oct 14, 2017 05:20
Hi Camilo,
According to your description below, you are expecting a clock signal output from a GPIO pin?
If that is the case , that will be a feature not supported.

it is possible to have a clock source input into a telink MCU, and double it to 2x, 4x, the target clock speed
then (and divide it if necessary )render it to USB,DMIC, system clk, system timer clk...
but not a way out for output to a IO pin and then render it to other peripheral .

In your case , for example , if need a 48Mhz clock to drive an external Sub-GHz transceiver, looks like you will some external OSC, or use internal OSC/RC come with the Sub-GHz transceiver SOC.

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