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Flash write and erase error for firmware update
Mar 10, 2022 03:31




Hello, I imported a BLE firmware update protocol from another project that I have and I'm having some problems regarding flash write and erase. The protocol basically store the data that came from bluetooth in RAM code and in main loop it tries to store it in flash. This process repeats itself a lot of times and in the middle of it I always lose connection with the host. When I try it without the flash_erase_sector and flash_write_page it works perfectly. I'm using the SDK V3.4.2.1_Patch_0001 for tlsr8251 Bluetooth LE Single Connection. Can someone help me?

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TL_bloom5 Mar 11, 2022 14:47

Hi gugagop,

    We have A-B sector design for OTA fw and running fw. Usually we do old fw erase after a power cycle or a deep sleep back, because it will cost a lot of time which could compromise the ble connection.

gugagop [Author] Mar 11, 2022 23:47

We changed a little bit the protocol to erase at the begging of the connection. But I still fill that the firmware is crashing sometimes in the middle. We have a 2 minutes watchdog, but when it crashes, the watchdog doesn't work. Any idea on what is going on?

gugagop [Author] Mar 23, 2022 23:07

Actually I already figured it out. I was having an issue regarding timer interruption and when combined with the flash write function it was crashing the firmware. But now, everything works fine. Thank you!